Thursday, January 6, 2011

SMS Short Words.........

අද මම කියන්න යන දේ සමහර විට ගොඩක් දෙනෙක්ට වැදගත් වේවි. ඔයාලා දන්නවනෙ sms short words ගැන. මෙතන ඒ වගේ short words ගොඩක් තියෙනවා.

NE Any [:-) wearing a Walkman
1ce once 2bctnd to be continued
2d4 to die for 2day today
2l8 too late 4 for
2nite tonight 4f? For Friends?
911 emergency - call me add address
afaik as far as I know aka also known as
asap as soon as possible ATB All the best
awhfy are we having fun yet @ at
2 to/too/two 2cool4u too cool for you
2g4u too good for you 2mor,2moro,2morrow tomorrow
3sum threesome 4e forever
4yeo for your eyes only a/s/l age, sex & location
asl age, sex & location ayor at your own risk
b be b4 before
b/c because b4n bye for now
bbc bring beer and chips bcnu be seeing' you
bbl be back later b'day birthday
bf boyfriend bg big grin
bhl8 be home late bil boss is listening
brb be right back btw by the way
c see cb ciao baby
cid consider it done cm call me
coz because c u see you
dk don't know dly I don't like you
dylm do you like me e2eg ear to ear grin
eod end of discussion ez easy
f2f face to face f2t free to talk
g2g got to go gal get a life
gf girlfriend gr8 great
gsoh good sense of humour gudluk good luck
h8 hate hand have a nice day
hb2u Happy Birthday to you hot4u hot for you
how r u how are you hp handphone

මේ ඒවගෙන් ටිකක් විතරයි. ඉතුරු ටික ඊලඟ පෝස්ට් එකකින් දාන්නම්. මෙතන නැති ඔයාල දන්න අලුත් short words තියෙනවා නම් comment එකක් විදියට දාන්නකො.